Errors in the Factfile – all sorted

03 Mar
March 3, 2004

Hearty thanks to James Forrester, a Boriswatch reader, who noted a glaring error on the Boris Factfile. I’d had Boris down at the Oxford Union president at the age of 9 – I know Boris’s a big brain, but gaining the presidency while still in regulation shorts is a little farfetched…

Virtual Boris

03 Mar
March 3, 2004

After a brief pause in Boris-related news, I can now reveal


“And I thought the only big pricks
round here were in the Labour party . . .”

what must be the pinnacle of his career so far: he has been selected to be one of two virtual tour guides for the Henley River and Rowing museum. A Virtual Boris is better than no Boris at all…

Boris sings at the Christ premiere

26 Feb
February 26, 2004

Just to confirm that our beloved Boris is still a lovable, cheery old sod, Empire magazine reports that Boris was seen emerging from the premiere of the gory blood-letting film The Passion of Christ singing “always look on the bright side of life…”


17 Feb
February 17, 2004

Guardian columnist Toby Young reveals that Boris recently turned down 90,000 to appear on I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here. Can you imagine the success of that?! Boris bumbling around the campfire – he’d be the first political superstar, and no mistake! Although it is a show for celebrity has-beens – and Boris’s popularity doesn’t need a boost…

Boris signs Gilligan to The Spectator

11 Feb
February 11, 2004

News reaches us this morning that Boris has signed up controversial, Hutton-tarnished journalist Andrew Gilligan as his Defence and Diplomatic Editor [story link: The Guardian]. Says Boris, “”He got a very good story which was correct in all central respects and he has been pilloried and vilified by journalists who aren’t fit to lick his boots in terms of getting stories”. A brave move, considering Gilligan’s many political enemies, but well done to Boris for sticking to his beliefs!

Boris For PM

07 Feb
February 7, 2004

It’s time to stand up and be counted – Sign the online petition BORIS FOR PM!

Boris’s Swill Campaign Falters

06 Feb
February 6, 2004

Boris’s “Swill for Farmers” campaign hits an obstacle in the form of Ben Bradshaw: Compensation for swill feeders rejected [The Scotsman]

TIME magazine quotes Boris!

02 Feb
February 2, 2004

The esteemed Time magazine in America open a front cover article about Blair and WMD (link: The Escape Artist) with a quote from Boris’s Hutton response article.

Boris supports the BBC

02 Feb
February 2, 2004

Boris supports the BBC, and gives his reaction – mentioning that Blair is akin to a “greased piglet”. INSPIRED!

Boris campaigns for local hospital

27 Jan
January 27, 2004

Boris bolsters campaign for Henley’s local hospital – Boris Raises Campaign In Commons