Boris – what the Sunday papers are saying…

Now that Boris is top of the political agenda for journalists of all persuasions, Boriswatch takes a look at what the broadsheets are saying about the new Mayor of London. Tory paper, the Sunday Telegraph, disscusses (predictably) the wider implications of Boris taking London in terms of national politics. The article quote Boris hinting that […]

5 reasons to vote Boris for Mayor of London

Here, Boriswatch presents 5 reasons why people should vote for Boris Johnson as Mayor of London. 1. Boris doesn’t need the job. Eh? Alright, I’ll explain. What does the Mayoral race give Boris that he doesn’t already have? Money? Nope – before his decision to stand, he enjoyed huge earnings (at least £500,000 last year, […]

Has Boris Johnson turned serious at last?

Has Boris Johnson turned serious at last? asks The Telegraph, in an article that neatly responds to our recent “Boring Boris” post. It’s an excellent piece, full of amusing anecdotes and witty repartee, both of which we’re currently missing from Boris. It also contains an excellent quote from Andrew Gimson, who authored The Rise of […]