Spin in a teacup

Dear Boriswatchers, Boriswatch Towers got mildly tainted yesterday by the expenses scandal and wants to clear up a couple of points: 1. The site Boriswatch.com has never received funding by Boris Johnson or anyone connected with him. The site is wholly independent – but rather likes him. 😉 2. If people asked before publishing, they […]

Snow sign of impartiality here, Boris

Anti-Boris blogs are cockahoop with the news today that Boris stormed out of the Transport Select Committee investigating the reponse of the Mayor and his team to the blankets of lovely snow we experienced earlier this year. The upside? Boris described the layering of snow, grit, snow then more grit “grit-snow lasagne”, which has earned […]

Mr & Mrs Smith get into bed with Boris

Boriswatch Towers had a great time this morning, sifting through the many online April Fools gags. However, Mr & Mrs Smith, the boutique hotel specialists, involved Boris and his hatred of bendy buses in an elaborate gag. They claimed that Boris was turning decommissioned bendy buses into travelling hotels. Five-star hotel accommodation on wheels sounds […]