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Visitors wax lyrical about Boris

06 Jul
July 6, 2009

Boris on the left. And right.

The fine people at Madame Tussauds this week confirmed something that we at Boriswatch have known for some time now – namely that the dapper and handsome Mayor is “sexier than Brad Pitt?.

A recent poll by London attraction asked three hundred visitors which of their exhibits was the most kissable.  Whilst scruffy teen idol Zac Efron may have topped the list, Bozza fared better than not only Brad and Angelina but also sex-god Johnny Depp and suave A-lister George Clooney.

According to the museum’s PR manager Liz Edwards, “There are certain figures that our maintenance team are constantly removing lipstick from.  Guests just can’t resist giving him a cheeky peck on the cheek.?  We’re guessing she means the waxwork, not the man himself.

With a reaction that sums up everything we know and love about Boris, he commented “I am somewhat bewildered.?

With Tussauds also boasting a waxwork of Boris’ predecessor, it’s apparently not only Ken who is finding himself Red these days….

Spin in a teacup

19 Jun
June 19, 2009
spin that light

Spin - It makes you ill

Dear Boriswatchers,

Boriswatch Towers got mildly tainted yesterday by the expenses scandal and wants to clear up a couple of points:

1. The site has never received funding by Boris Johnson or anyone connected with him. The site is wholly independent – but rather likes him. 😉
2. If people asked before publishing, they would get closer to the real story. The BBC asked; the Evening Standard didn’t even try, and gave implications in this article that are wholly untrue. There’s a lesson there that I’m sure doesn’t need spelling out – or maybe the Standard just wanted to sell more papers.

I’d like to thank Tory Troll for actually taking the time to contact Boriswatch and actually publish the truth. His post this morning couldn’t be fairer.

Onwards and upwards, Boriswatchers!

Best Wishes,


Harnessing your feedback – a new little tab

08 Jun
June 8, 2009

The ideas and posts for Boriswatch often stem from you guys – fellow Boridwatchers with a keen eye for Boris-based details. So, we’ve decided to harness that power.
See the little blue “Feedback” tab half-way up the far right of every Boriswatch page? That, my friends, is a new way to contact Boriswatch Towers if you have any praise, comments, complaints or ideas on anything Boriswatch. It’s in conjunction with a great little service called Get Satisfaction, and all the feedback will be available in the Boriswatch Forum over at Get Satisfaction.
So, click on the tab and praise/comment/complain/suggest away!

Boris talks paddling and politics

06 Jun
June 6, 2009

PlayRadioUK published a rare live (nowadays, anyway) interview with Boris yesterday, as the results came in on the local elections. The 8 minute audio interview talking to Iain Dale is a bit of a gem – it really sounds as though Boris has kept the humour but added a bit of gravity to his views. Well, all apart from the kickoff question – “are you a bit damp from your experiences in the river?”, a reference to his very Boris-like fall into a river while being filmed the other day (here’s the story and video in case you missed it). Boris announces, tongue in cheek, that it was a “brilliantly engineered publicity stunt” to get “saturation coverage”. Brilliant!
So here’s the interview – it kicks off at about 1min 30secs.

Boris makes a splash

05 Jun
June 5, 2009

As you will no doubt know by now (the coverage has been political light-relief on a dire week of political combustion), Boris fell into a river this week. It’s just as contortingly amusing as it sounds – The news sites have been cock-a-hoop, and twitter has been ablaize with people either laughing or holding the metaphorical head in their hands.
The BBC has the full take on the event, but here’s the video…

Boris gets into Phloging

16 May
May 16, 2009

Into WHAT? Even Boriswatch had to look that up. Apparently it’s Phone Blogging – or “online audio postcards”, as the marketing has it – and Boris and his team are showing their cutting edge credentials by getting a phlog started while Bozza is at the C40 Climate Change conference in Korea. Updates will be announced on Twitter and on the City Hall website.

So, here’s his phlog, which will be updated daily:

Update 4pm: Here’s Boris’s first Phlog (enjoy the first “what?” as it dawns on him that he’s on air…!):

Boris likes a good ale

11 Apr
April 11, 2009

We can imagine that Boris likes to sit down with a good, stout ale and puff away on a hearty cigar, setting the world to rights with that unfeasably large lexicon of his.

Indeed, when promoting Cask Ale Week 2009 this week he noted, “There is nothing better then chatting to an old friend over a pint of bitter.” Lager, ashamedly, is Boriswatch’s preferred option thanks to years of student-based nights out, but Boris hits the nail right on the head – when all around are losing their heads, a sit down with a beer in hand sets everything straight again.

Bottoms up!

Has the buffoon disappeared?

11 Apr
April 11, 2009

:(A piece in The Telegraph today assesses where the Boris the Buffoon persona has gone, and takes in his first year of Mayordom in a positive, glowing light. “Has Boris Johnson left the buffoon behind?”  argues that while there have been a couple of episodes Boris would rather forget, the overall path the administration is taking is to be applauded – and if nothing else, having a man like Boris at the helm is a great deal better than some grey, drab, political-line-toeing politician London could have landed itself with…

Boriswatch, meanwhile, is rocketing – no doubt because of the enduring, endearing allure of the man! March was Boriswatch’s most popular month so far, with a fabulously tense conversation happening in the comments of the recent post Kitten Voodoo. So hello everyone, don’t be shy – Boriswatch is continuing to track the big Bozza so you don’t have to!

Snow sign of impartiality here, Boris

02 Apr
April 2, 2009

Anti-Boris blogs are cockahoop with the news today that Boris stormed out of the Transport Select Committee investigating the reponse of the Mayor and his team to the blankets of lovely snow we experienced earlier this year.
The upside? Boris described the layering of snow, grit, snow then more grit “grit-snow lasagne”, which has earned an instant entry into the Boris Quotes section.
The downside? Some very partisan members of the committee didn’t just ask question – they used it as an opportunity to dig their boots into Boris, in an episode that reminded me a little of a school playground at lunchtime.
I’m guessing Boris is a little peeved that he has to spend a good deal of time talking about inclement weather to people that plainly don’t want him there – at a time when a severe recession is kicking in and there are violent protests on the streets. Still, it’s all about priorities, eh?
Here’s the video:

Mr & Mrs Smith get into bed with Boris

01 Apr
April 1, 2009

londonbusBoriswatch Towers had a great time this morning, sifting through the many online April Fools gags. However, Mr & Mrs Smith, the boutique hotel specialists, involved Boris and his hatred of bendy buses in an elaborate gag. They claimed that Boris was turning decommissioned bendy buses into travelling hotels. Five-star hotel accommodation on wheels sounds like an excellent plan for the controversially-flexible mode of transport, but Boriswatch hs just one concern – when the bus goes round a corner, do the occupants of the middle two “rooms” have to become intimately acquainted?

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