Boris: chance of being Prime Minister is “vanishing”

A bunch of OH NO’s echoed round Boriswatch Towers this week when we heard from Boris’s own mouth that his chance’s of becoming Prime Minister are fading. He told American chat show host David Letterman that “there are limits to the credulity of our audience”, before mulling over whether his astonishing hair is holding him […]

The Boris Aria, and the Boris JohnSong

Well, Boris’s elongated Mayoring has certainly got the creative juices flowing. A couple of tuneful renditions of Boris-themed songs have flooded into the Boriswatch mailbox! One is low-key and groovy, the other is operatic and rousing. The legend of Boris truly transcends all musical boundaries. Enjoy! The Boris Aria (more about Sophie here)   The Boris […]

Video of London Fashion Week speech

Boris recently opened London Fashion Week, and new filtered out about the stellar speech Boris gave. Happily, on a very early Sunday morning, Boriswatch Towers have stumbled over a video of the speech, in which Boris is standing beside a large hat-cake and an unusually tall woman. True story. Here it is: