Spin in a teacup

spin that light
Spin - It makes you ill

Dear Boriswatchers,

Boriswatch Towers got mildly tainted yesterday by the expenses scandal and wants to clear up a couple of points:

1. The site Boriswatch.com has never received funding by Boris Johnson or anyone connected with him. The site is wholly independent – but rather likes him. 😉
2. If people asked before publishing, they would get closer to the real story. The BBC asked; the Evening Standard didn’t even try, and gave implications in this article that are wholly untrue. There’s a lesson there that I’m sure doesn’t need spelling out – or maybe the Standard just wanted to sell more papers.

I’d like to thank Tory Troll for actually taking the time to contact Boriswatch and actually publish the truth. His post this morning couldn’t be fairer.

Onwards and upwards, Boriswatchers!

Best Wishes,


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