Has the buffoon disappeared?

:(A piece in The Telegraph today assesses where the Boris the Buffoon persona has gone, and takes in his first year of Mayordom in a positive, glowing light. “Has Boris Johnson left the buffoon behind?“  argues that while there have been a couple of episodes Boris would rather forget, the overall path the administration is taking is to be applauded – and if nothing else, having a man like Boris at the helm is a great deal better than some grey, drab, political-line-toeing politician London could have landed itself with…

Boriswatch, meanwhile, is rocketing – no doubt because of the enduring, endearing allure of the man! March was Boriswatch’s most popular month so far, with a fabulously tense conversation happening in the comments of the recent post Kitten Voodoo. So hello everyone, don’t be shy – Boriswatch is continuing to track the big Bozza so you don’t have to!

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