Snow sign of impartiality here, Boris

Anti-Boris blogs are cockahoop with the news today that Boris stormed out of the Transport Select Committee investigating the reponse of the Mayor and his team to the blankets of lovely snow we experienced earlier this year.
The upside? Boris described the layering of snow, grit, snow then more grit “grit-snow lasagne”, which has earned an instant entry into the Boris Quotes section.
The downside? Some very partisan members of the committee didn’t just ask question – they used it as an opportunity to dig their boots into Boris, in an episode that reminded me a little of a school playground at lunchtime.
I’m guessing Boris is a little peeved that he has to spend a good deal of time talking about inclement weather to people that plainly don’t want him there – at a time when a severe recession is kicking in and there are violent protests on the streets. Still, it’s all about priorities, eh?
Here’s the video:

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