Boris For Mayor – the official unofficial song!

17 Feb
February 17, 2008

We have few idle moments here at Boriswatch Towers. But we’ve managed to string a few of those idle moments together to produce a wonderful little ditty in favour of the Big Bozza! Here, Ladies and gentlefolk, is the world premiere of “Boris For Mayor” – The Song! Watch out for the guest pigeon…

UPDATE: Well, this IS going well. It’s in the top 50 most downloaded political videos on Youtube this week, and it’s been picked up by Sky’s Adam Boulton, ConservativeHome and BackBoris! Here’s some websites linking to the song:

ConservativeHome: Boris For Mayor – the unofficial theme tune

Sky’s Adam Boulton: Name That Tune

BackBoris Newsletter: February 22nd 2008

Times CommentCentral: With a Video Like This, How Can Boris Lose?

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  1. dave broughall says:

    perhaps boris being voted mayor will be a start on the real ‘back to basics’ “a government of the people FOR THE PEOPLE by the people.”

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  2. Richard Jones says:

    I was in Australia when Boris first became Mayor. Most Aussies had not heard of him them but were instantly amazed that this buffonish looking person had won what seemed to be a one horse race against the popular incumbent Ken Livingstone.
    Boris makes me proud to be British because he is brilliant but yet self mocking. Other cultures that are so image conscious are totally thrown by his style.

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  1. […] Q: How good has the response been to it? A: Immense. After about 3 weeks of posting, the visitors ramped up to around 300 a week. Now, the site pulls in over 2000 visitors a week, has two contributors, and has appeared on BBC News, Sky News and ITV. We’ve had articles published in FHM, BBC News and the official Back Boris site, as well as interest from smaller organisations. And – dare I mention it – there’s even a Boriswatch-constructed Boris For Mayor song! […]

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